Harmonic Temple – day workshop with Nickomo & Rasullah

We’re pleased to offer a ‘Harmonic Temple’ day as part of our spring programme. This is not a People of Note event however and needs to be booked directly with Nickomo and Rasullah by sending an email. This is how they describe the day:

We will be singing Nickomo’s four-part harmony chants which use mantras from different world religions or universal affirmations of wholeness. When these chants are sung by a group, the effect is both uplifting and healing as if you are in a living temple of sound. This is ‘The Harmonic Temple’

No experience is necessary.

The Harmonic Temple happens when a group of singers sing in a circle, for themselves and each other with no other audience, with the intent of going deeply into the attunement of the chant. This usually means sustaining the song for a while, so that all the singers can get past the point of struggling to remember words or melody, and beyond issues around vocal inadequacy, to the point at which they are one with the music and its intent. This can include exploring the physical space occupied by the singers, to feel the impact of the sound from various places in and around the circle, and times of listening, prayer, meditation and/or allowing the music to enter as a medium of healing.

For safety reasons bring your own lunch. Hot drinks provided.
Cost: £30, £25 concs.

Here’s the flyer: Harmonic Temple March 2021

Event Location:

St Paul's Southville,2 Southville Rd, Southville,Bristol,,BS3 1DG,

By: People of Note

Organiser Email:
[email protected]
  • St Paul's Southville
  • 2 Southville Rd, Southville
  • Bristol
  • BS3 1DG

Event Schedule Details

  • 26/03/2022
    10:30 am - 4:00 pm
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