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Would you like to feel more robust and resilient when you face conflict, able to express yourself confidently? Would you like to feel less drained and better equipped to resolve issues with empathy and clarity?

I love helping people face and transform the conflict in their lives.  Unresolved conflict saps your energy and can leave you tired and with less time for doing things that benefit you, your organisation and those you love. It can restrict us from doing what we want to do.

My workshop helps you analyse and fully understand all the aspects of a situation that is causing conflict and provides you with the tools to help you manage it successfully. I support you to remove roadblocks and obstacles and increase your understanding of why they occurred and how you can stop them from recurring. We explore the gifts of conflict, finding how challenges can provide a perfect seeding ground for new beginnings. Reducing conflict means increased resilience, wellbeing, feeling empowered, enhanced relationships, productivity, self-esteem, confidence, and increased empathy.

My offer to you

I am offering this programme of workshops and two one to one sessions on zoom  to give you the tools to find the gifts, grow into space you yearn for and thrive despite the challenges of this time.

I create a safe place so that you find the gift, not the setback you may have believed. How can we resolve the pain of conflict and turn it into compassion and empathy? Change and transformation is the outcome when we discover our inner resilience and inner fire. First, we all need to be heard and witnessed; we will only find out what we need to recover and grow. This workshop will support you in this process.

My course is personally developed from my own unique experiences. You will be acknowledged and validated, feel heard on a deep level, and this will help you move to the next stage of letting go. You will identify your self-limiting beliefs which keep you in the past and replace them with wisdom and truth which will support you.

For some of you, the depth of division in your community and maybe in families astounds and shocks you, leaving you feeling frustrated and helpless. We will explore healing divisions and how you can respond with dignity and compassion.

Each course I deliver is different as I ensure it will meet your individual needs. I keep the numbers to 8 people so that I can make the course relevant to you. I Tailor-made is always about improving their knowledge and skills, as everyone learns differently and has diverse and varied skillsets.

Who I am

I am a speaker, restorative justice and conflict transformation facilitator and a mentor to people experiencing conflict. I have been facilitating workshops since 1995 and have worked around the world in many settings- prisons, war-torn areas, schools, parents and corporate, to name a few. I have listened to people from around the world affected by war and terrorism, learning about the different needs. The first step for anyone after experiencing trauma is to be heard. I have worked internationally for 20 years, and I am now sharing my experiences and insights online. My work comes from my experience of transforming the trauma of losing my Dad in a terrorist attack when I was 27 and the twenty years of dialogue with the ex-combatant who killed him.

The programme structure.

I will meet you all individually before as well as after the small group workshops. At the three once a week 3-hour workshops, you will be guided and encouraged with emotional safety to explore what is right for you. We will also learn from each other as each one of you will have wisdom and experience to share. All workshops harness your inner wisdom and clarity.

 1 2 1 coaching

It lasts one hour, and you will explore how you experience conflict, your hopes for the course and the changes you would like to make. This happens at a time before the course to suit you.

Workshop 1

Listening: The course  starts with a session when I will share my story and experience of how I transformed the pain losing my Dad in a terrorist attack into my passion for peace. Then in smaller groups you will be heard, recognised, and witnessed so that you are ready to start letting go. You will make a commitment to yourself and leave feeling hopeful and encouraged. You will identify the types of conflict you are struggling with and begin to unpack the different needs. Understand the importance of seeing the need behind the behaviour.

Workshop 2

Expanding: Letting go of the self-limiting beliefs and the emotions which keep us imprisoned in the past. Changing the story you tell yourself and creating a new one, Developing self-empathy and inner resilience. Learn skills of conflict transformation and empathic listening. How to acknowledge feelings and emotions, Understand the story we tell ourselves. Learn how to challenge another’s behaviour without blame or judgement. Explore the concept of choice in how we respond to challenges. Understand how empathy and compassion may be applied to heal fractured relationships at home and work.

Workshop 3

Building: You will develop your vision and strategy and develop the tools you need to manage whatever conflicts you face. You will know how to manage the judgmental voices inside, learn how to have a conversation with people who can make you feel less than, and what to do when you have one of those overwhelming days. Your emotional intelligence will have grown, and you will have strategies to transform your feelings.

1 2 1 coaching session

This happens  one or two weeks after the course has finished. This hour is a chance to acknowledge the changes you have made and explore how you can integrate them into your daily life.

You will be leaving the course empowered and supported to understand conflicts and the practical tools you need to transform them.

The cost of £500 covers the three workshops and the two one-to-one sessions. Any questions please do email me at [email protected].

Testimonial from participants on last course 

I decided to do this course after hearing Jo speak about how she transformed the trauma she experienced from losing her dad into a uniquely constructive inner state leading her to work in conflict resolution, peace and reconciliation. I believe we all need a degree of ongoing internal transformation to enable us to live life to the fullest and engage thoughtfully and respectfully with those we interact with. COVID-19 has changed us all in different ways. This course provided me with a safe creative space to explore how it had impacted me and how I can maximise that change in my personal and political life. Jo’s gentleness, integrity and expertise was ever present in the way she shared tools and techniques to bring us to a deep level of self-awareness, empathy and empowerment. I am grateful I took this opportunity to step off the treadmill and do this course with Jo.

Rose Conway-Walsh

Jo has offered this wonderful opportunity for insightful growth and understanding of what it can mean to be a human being. Her processes during the course are non-threatening and offer a place of being heard and understood which develops into action and a greater awareness. I would really recommend this if you are looking for your path which could have been lost or buried during these strange times: this is the place to arrive and settle with abundance. Her experience and listening skills are both nourishing, encouraging and respectful.

Jo… it truly was inspiring for me.

Jane B

I loved this course with Jo. We were online yet it felt like we were in the room together, such was the atmosphere created by Jo. It was an opportunity to stop and think about 2020, yet much more. We explored what the year had taught us and what we could work upon to make life better, both for ourselves and those around us. Talking through different experiences and listening to other’s stories was invaluable. To this we added the practice of various tools to use in our own way, primarily based in communication.  Jo skilfully and compassionately guided us through the sessions. Her great experience in listening and communicating shone through I gained a deeper understanding of myself, the way I do things, and what I can practice to build on my skills of empathy. I highly recommend Jo’s wonderful course.

Richmond Stace


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Gift of Conflict

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