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Do you run weekly sessions and want to easily collect payments, eg choirs, yoga, pilates etc?

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Offer your attendees EarlyBird options, multiple ticket prices, extra optional services such as lunch options.

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  • Ticket Types

    Unlimited, eg Adult, Child, FREE etc

  • Ticket Quantity

    Can be unlimited or you can set per ticket type or overall

  • Ticket Price

    FREE to any value, the cost of selling remains the same

  • Registration Information

    Get attendee info eg vegan, name, email, gender

  • Direct Payment

    All money come direct to you

  • Auto email confirmations

    Emails sent on receipt, completion or cancellation of orders

  • Info messages/banner

    Splash a message across the event eg 'Nearly sold out!'

  • Pause/Cancel Events

    A status message is displayed when you Pause or Cancel an event

  • Embed events on your websites

    Embed events on your website, facebook, twitter etc

  • Multi Currency

    Choose the currency for your events, useful for international customers.

  • QR code checkin

    Scan tickets to check people in quickly or search for them in the attendee list.

  • Extra service options

    Sell extra services, eg Lunch, Hat, Parking, Airport transfers

  • Earlybird Discounts

    Create an EaryBird price with a countdown to expiry

  • Deposits

    Enable deposits for higher priced events

  • Cards Accepted

    Via Stripe and Paypal

DEMO events

Click here to see examples of events that can be created including EarlyBird tickets with countdown, deposits, multiple ticket types, online events, splash messages etc





It is FREE to sell any tickets under £2, no quantity limits, no quibbles


1 Credit

It costs just 1 Credit to sell any ticket over £2, providing you remain in credit

Receive 20 FREE Credits when you sign-up


2 Credits

If your balance goes into negative credit then tickets cost 2 Credits to sell. Just make sure you top up your credits to get back into a positive balance

Credit costs start from £0.30

To see more information about our Credits click below

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